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St. Michael's Parish Day School

Tucson, Arizona

Ornamental Security Fence/Gates Project

Built in 1953, St. Michael's Church and Parish Day School has enjoyed a relatively open campus, free from any type of barrier that would detract from the historical architecture of a sanctuary that has been admired by so many.

Unfortunately, in these uncertain times, the need to protect the administrators, teachers, and most importantly, the children of St. Michael's, became a priority after the Sandy Hook masacre in December 2012.


Blending security with aesthetics was critical with this project as I did not want to create something that would obstruct the beauty of the school and church from the outside. It had to look like it has been there from the beginning. What's more, it had to be child-friendly and conform to health department and local fire codes. A challenging project, yes, but one which I look back on with pride.

Class of 2015, 8th Grade Dedication Project: Raised metal lettering