Iron Garden Studio, LLC

turning inspiration into art

In 2009 my 9-year-old son sat down at the table trying to figure out ways to earn money. He offered to design trellises for me as long as he got a commission for his design work. Anxious to see what he could create, I agreed.

When he showed me his finished work I was very impressed. I wished I had the time to build each and every one of his works of art. Unfortunately, I had to tell him that I could only build when an order came in for one of his pieces.

It took me two years to get them up on the website for the world to enjoy. If any of these beautiful works of art intrigues you and you would be interested in more information, please contact me. Don't worry about the pricing, we'll discuss that further and I promise you I'll still give my son his requested commission.

Thanks, Steve

Don't forget, standard trellis designs are also available. For more information, view my brochure or give me a call.

As with all projects, free estimates, and a customer-satisfaction guarantee are part of the package. Preliminary drawings offered for a nominal fee. 

Designs by my 9 yr-old son