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Tucson Extreme Home Makeover

Hopefully, this doesn't count as my 15 minutes of fame...

In 2008, ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition came to Tucson to honor the Bell family. Moved by the story, Steve offered to create a custom piece for the family. Happily, the designers were working to create a green home with an industrial theme, and that meant Steve would be able to use reclaimed materials for the project. The lead designer said that they were looking for a unique planter to compliment the great room furnishings.

Tucson is home to HAVECO, a salvage yard specializing in aircraft parts, equipment, and memorabilia. This gave Steve an idea:Why not create a planter out of reclaimed aircraft parts? An airplane nose cone seemed like the perfect accent until Steve learned that it would be too large for the space. The runner up was a nose cone from an outdated missile.

Pictures of the nose cone and proposed design were emailed to the designer for approval. An immediate reply came back to proceed with the project.

The end result, though fairly simple, was exactly what the designers were looking for, and was delivered to the set earlier than expected.


This was both and interesting and rewarding experience to be involved in something that would benefit someone else.