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The Installation:

The Build:

I was contacted by UEB Builders to design/fabricate a deco panel based off their architect's rendering. Seeing a greater opportunity, I asked to bid on the entire project and build the fire table from steel instead of masonry. Designing the deco panel was a challenge as it was a very intricate pattern. Once the base pattern was complete, it was just a mirror/flip process to fill the sheet. 

I was very pleased with the finished piece and was excited to install it. That's when I learned it would be going on a 3rd floor courtyard but have to be hoisted over 200' in the air in order to clear the building! Imagine my trepidation in seeing something I worked so hard on rise up so high in the air. Any mishap in rigging would be catastrophic. Fortunately, all went well and the two pieces found their home!

Turned into a magnificent piece!

What began as an artist's rendering...

HUB at Tucson